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Medical Diagnostics

Project Management

  • Do you need professional support in planning and implementing your laboratory projects?
  • Do you have an internal shortage of PM resources or do you lack the desired competencies for a specific project in your company?

Projects present companies with challenges. After careful clarification of the project goals with the project owner and/or other decision makers, Impact Med suggests PM methods to be applied to the respective project needs. We attach special importance to the customer’s focus in the area of tension “results, costs, deadlines”. The project organization is clearly defined and is, among other things, the basis for communication, which is worked out conceptually in advance. Crises that arise are proactively tackled and solved with the line managers. The change management is recorded in writing and is therefore transparent. Impact Med conducts workshops and meetings efficiently and goal-oriented.

For Impact Med, customer benefit comes first!

Organizational projects

  • Integration of new laboratory locations into existing company structures (PMI)
  • Change of main-devices in automation, e.g. in case of supplier change (individual locations or entire laboratory group)
  • Introduction of new order forms up to harmonization of the order form landscape
  • Establishment of new departments

Investment projects

  • Conversion / adaptation of laboratory sites
  • New construction of laboratory sites: feasibility study, design phase, planning, implementation (depending on size with involvement of the architectural firm)

Marketing projects

  • Introduction of complex test systems with implication of laboratory, logistics, IT, general laborator products and customer information

IT projects

  • Integration of interfaces to customers or suppliers involving different departments, locations or language regions on both sides (e.g. electronic billing with hospitals etc.)
  • LIS migrations
  • Introduction of ERP systems
  • Implementation of GDPR

Process Consulting

Do you want to adapt or redesign your laboratory processes?

  • Impact Med perform workshops with main stakeholders to develop customized processes in the laboratory environment and suggests the design to the process owner to get the green light for implementation.
  • Processes are accompanied by Impact Med in the context of change projects, the creation of process maps or the revision of main processes. We manage these changes in the sense of goal achievement. We clarify in which framework the personnel should be empowered/must be empowered or technical/human interfaces must be adapted/reduced. The role of moderator and consultant is clearly separated in order to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • In particular, Impact Med prepares work-flow analyses of automated distribution systems with the department heads/team leaders directly affected or, if required, with the employees directly affected. The aim is to achieve broad-based improvements in workflows and to increase the degree of automation.


  • Do you need an independent assessment of a laboratory or a  departement?
  • Do team conflicts exist, which should be solved by external help? 
  • Do you want to improve processes in order to increase operational productivity?

After a detailed analysis of the current situation, recommendations are worked out and prepared according to importance or urgency in order to serve as a basis for decision-making. We will be happy to assist you in implementing the chosen solution.

Impact Med also prepares risk and opportunity analyses for general projects or in special change projects.