System solutions from Comed for
Hospital and Medical Diagnostics

Impact Med distributes system solutions from Comed for the following reasons:

  • Electronic exchange of order and delivery data directly into the subsystems of the suppliers
  • Family business guarantees long-term independence
  • 30 years of experience in the laboratory and hospital environment
  • The maxim is: “every external interface is connected”

Impact Med offers the following services in the partnership with Comed:

  • Consulting and advice up to the contract closing
  • Providing resources for the implementation of the projects
  • Maintenance incl. support organization of Comed
  • Long term support after completion of the project


  • Do you need a system solution that helps to manage your processes with the leading materials management software in med. diagnostic area in order to optimize laboratories?
  • Do you want to significantly reduce your material and procurement costs due to the increase in efficiency and price savings?

With the ERP of Comed you cover your entire procurement-to-payment process. The solution is completed by interfaces to financial accounting, CRM and other company-important data sources. The solution is fully tailored to your needs in order to achieve the greatest possible customer benefit.

For legacy ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Navision, or Dynamics, Comed’s modular solution takes over the web-browser-based lab or hospital front end to take full advantage of 
E-commerce and RMS benefits.


  • Do you also think that electronic interfaces in exchange with suppliers facilitate the exchange of data, make them less susceptible to error and leave more time for their core competencies to operate?

With the neutral E-commerce solution, confidential business data such as orders, delivery notes, invoices, (item) master data, laboratory or financial data are exchanged electronically securely and encrypted every day. Ordering is handled electronically, directly with their suppliers. The e-order is transmitted to its distributors and suppliers and stored directly in the order system as an e-delivery note when the goods are delivered. All data relevant to lot and decay are stored in the system in accordance with the accreditation and are therefore electronically traceable. Sources of error are greatly reduced and annoying paperwork eliminated.

Reagent Mgmt System – RMS ®

  • Are quality and accreditation conformity a central concern? Would you like to professionalize your order system in the laboratory and hospital enviroment? 

The reagent management system as ordering, storage and inventory system for medical laboratories completely covers the accreditation requirements and includes the following operational and organisational aspects:

  • Efficient inventory management of all products of all suppliers
  • Enables fully traceable and reliable statistics to meet the highest quality standards
  • Minimizes time spent on ordering
  • Automatic order suggestions as well as warnings if lot would be expired
  • Saves money and up to 50% storage space through efficient inventory management
  • RMS uses E-commerce standards for laboratories, thus becoming 100% standardized
  • Future-proof – RFID support has already been implemented

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